Hello! SPG is a small, independent software developer with a focus on games.

Currently in active development:
Rotacle (Puzzle action)


Playable, but incomplete:

ColourFire                                                Block Party                                               Connectile 
       ColourFire (Abstract pewpew!)                   Block Party (Brutal swarm-platforming)           Connectile (N-player strategic board game)


Utilities and toys:  

Broswer toys:

Lineator                             Magnet                             Gravitate                            
    Lineator (Cellular automaton)          Magnet (Something physicsy)             Gravitate(Attractive blobs)           Pseuoiré (Like a soirée of moiré)

Gyro                             MB4                                                        
   Gyro(Animated Spirograph-like display)   Metashapes (Mathematical goo)        Circlonium (Fluidlike clouds)    Spider Machine(Spindly 3D writhing)       



Hardly Know Er                                                Sinefrac                                               Epic Space Battles
Hardly Know 'Er (Music visualization)                Sinefrac (Psychedelic procedural art)                           Epic Space Battles (yep)          

Random Text Generator
Random Text Generator (Custom textual weirdness)

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