Graphs (updated 18/4/11):

Here, have some data!  If you've played the game since online tracking was added, you are somewhere on these charts!

<>Games Played vs Date :

games vs date

Score vs Length of Game:

score vs length

Max Point vs Score: 
maxpt vs score

Score vs Number of Upgrades:
score vs upgrades

Length of Game vs Number of Upgrades: 
length vs upgrades

Max Point vs Length of Game:

maxpt vs length

Score vs Time of Day: 
score vs time

Length of Game vs Time of Day: 
length vs time

Max Point vs Time of Day:
maxpt vs time

From these charts we can conclude:
1.  No one cheats between 9:30 AM and 12:00 PM
2.  Cheaters tend to be extreme outliers in some fashion
3.  More upgrades can but do not always lead to a higher score
4-?.  Some other stuff

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