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Ever wanted to play a video game where you can play as, or against, a Weeping Angel? That's the premise that inspired Smiling Demons.
In short, this game has two teams. One team is humans, and the other is teleporting, flesh-eating demons... who can't move if a human is watching.
The humans have to destroy objects containing the souls of the demons, or survive until a timer runs out... or else the demons win.
The game supports a large number of players.

demon screenshothuman screenshot
Human screenshotDemon screenshot
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Give it a try! It's free!

Latest standalone version here (windows only, for now)
Steam version (requires free Game Maker: Studio and isn't always up to date)
Readme (with game rules and controls)
Level editor coming eventually

1. A graphics card that supports shader models 3.0 or higher. This is an absolute necessity.
2. The latest DirectX, AS WELL AS DirectX 9. You might be able to get by with only the latest DirectX, or even one that's merely somewhat recent.
3. Updated graphics drivers. You might be able to get by with old drivers as well.

Oh no! The main menu has an "info" option that will tell you where to send bug reports.
Try to tell us how you made the bug happen, if you possibly can. Otherwise we can't do much to fix it!

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