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ColourFire is a game where you shoot shiny colourful things.
Yellow weapon
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You also get a Tractor Beam.
Tractor beam

And a Force-Field.

Besides that, your weapons get more powerful as you use them, and you're beset on all sides by an ever-increasing number of enemies (who also get stronger).  Eventually you get more weapons.
And that's just the Arcade Mode.

In Campaign Mode, you will travel through 14 levels, with 7 bosses (not including secret levels and bosses) which will give you new weapons when beaten.
Unfortunately, the campaign mode isn't done yet.  The Level Editor isn't quite done yet either, but if you make something awesome with it, it might be included in the final version of the game (along with your name in the credits).
The same goes for the Object Fabricator if you make a cool object.
Level editorFabricator

Here are the downloads:

ColourFire Arcade Beta:  Here
ColourFire Campaign Beta:  Here
ColourFire Level Editor:  Here
ColourFire Object Fabricator:  Here

Other Links:

STEAM group:  http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ColourFire
1st place scores RSS feed:  http://colourfire.nfshost.com/rss.xml

Weekly Arcade Scoreboard:  http://colourfire.nfshost.com/CFWeekly.txt
Campaign Score List: http://colourfire.nfshost.com/CFCScores.txt
Scoreboards for previous weeks:  Here

Graphs (updated 18/4/11):
Graphs page:  right here!  They're cool

Sources of influence for gameplay:
Future Cop: L.A.P.D.

Geometry Wars
Half-Life 2
Jet Force Gemini

Kirby series
Lode Runner 2
Mega Man

Ratchet and Clank series

Resistance:  Fall of Man
Team Fortress 2
Warning Forever

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