"I wish there was a board game where you played as aliens with different abilities"
-someone at some point, probably

A board game like that now exists, and you can download it HERE! (for Windows)

How It Works
Everyone picks a character before the game begins.

(Here are some of them)

Each turn, every player either decides to:
1. put down a tile onto the game board, or

depending on their character and how the pieces are currently arranged, destroy ones that someone else had put down!

Then, everyone's moves get put together and they happen all in one go!
If two or more people try to put a tile in the same spot, there's an explosion! You can use this to your advantage... sometimes.
Everyone gets points depending on how many tiles they have, and how many they destroyed on that turn.

For more details, you'll have to check out the in-game tutorial!
If you have trouble after that, there are bots you can practice against, ranging from "almost guaranteed to lose" and "why can't I beat this robot, I am a superior human!"

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